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Otaki Joji

  • Faculty: Faculty of Science Department of Chemistry, Biology, and Marine SciencePosition: Associate Professor
  • Address: 1 Senbaru,Nishihara,Okinawa
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  • Mail Address:
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Research Field

  • Animal Physiology/Behavior
  • Molecular Biology
  • Developmental Biology
  • General Neuroscience
  • Biological/lIving Body Informatics


  • 2011 , Zoological Science Award

Research Career

Research Career
  • 2006 - , University of the Ryukyus, Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry, Biology, and Marine Science, Cell and Functional Biology, Associate Professor


Books, Articles, etc.

  • 香り分子で生物学を旅する
    , フレグランスジャーナル社 2009
  • 現代生物学の基本原理 要点集
    , 大学教育出版 2008(Apr.)
    Author:大瀧 丈二
  • 現在生物学の基本原理15講
    , 大学教育出版 2006(Oct.)
    Author:大瀧 丈二
  • 嗅覚系の分子神経生物学
    , フレグランスジャーナル社 2005(Aug.)
    Author:大瀧 丈二
  • Immunohistochemical detection of olfactory-specific sensory transduction proteins in olfactory neuroblastoma
    , Neuroscience Research , 69(3):258-262 2011
    Author:Rie Matayoshi, Joji M. Otaki
  • The proto-oncogene BCL-6 promotes survival of olfactory sensory neurons
    , Developmental Neurobiology , 70(6):424-435 2010
    Author:Otaki JM, Hatano M, Matayoshi R, Tokuhisa T, Yamamoto H
  • Physiological characterization of the cold-shock-induced humoral factor for wing color-pattern changes in butterflies
    , Journal of Insect Physiology , 56(9):1022-1031 2010
    Author:Mahdi SH, Gima S, Tomita Y, Yamasaki H, Otaki JM
  • Secondary structure characterization based on amino acid composition and availability in proteins
    , Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling , 50(4):690-700 2010
    Author:Otaki JM, Tsutsumi M, Gotoh T, Yamamoto H
  • Phenotypic plasticity in the range-margin populatioin of the lycaenid butterfly Zizeeria maha
    , BMC Evolutionary Biology , 10:252 2010
    Author:Otaki JM, Hiyama A, Iwata M, Kudo T
  • Rearing the pale grass blue Zizeeria maha (Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae): Toward the establishement of a lycaenid model system for butterfly physiology and genetics
    , Entomological Science , 13(3):293-302 2010
    Author:Atsuki Hiyama, Masaki Iwata, Joji M. Otaki
  • Positional dependence of scale size and shape in butterfly wings: wing-wide phenotypic coordination of color-pattern elements and background.
    , Journal of Insect Physiology , 55(2):174-182 2009
    Author:Kiseki Kusaba, Joji M. Otaki
  • Local pharmacological effects of tungstate on the color-pattern determination of butterfly wings: a possible relationship between the eyespots and parafocal element
    , Zoological Science , 26(11):758-764 2009
    Author:Bidur Dhungel, Joji M. Otaki
  • Color-pattern analysis of parafocal elements in butterfly wings
    , Entomological Science , 12(1):74-83 2009
    Author:Joji M. Otaki
  • Potential implications of availability of short amino acid sequences in proteins: An old and new approach to protein decoding and design.(共著)
    , Biotechnology Annual Review , 14:109-141 2008(Jul.)
    Author:Joji M. Otaki, Tomonori Gotoh, Haruhiko Yamamoto
  • Physiologically induced color-pattern changes in butterfly wings: Mechanistic and evolutionary implications.
    , Journal of Insect Physiology , 54:1099-1112 2008(Jul.)
    Author:Joji M. Otaki
  • Physiological side-effect model for diversification of non-functional or neutral traits: a possible evolutionary history of Vanessa butterflies (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae).
    , Transactions of the Lepidopterological Society of Japan , 59:87-102 2008(May)
    Author:Joji M. Otaki
  • Phenotypic plasticity of wing color-patterns revealed by temperature and chemical applications in a nymphalid butterfly Vanessa indica.
    , Journal of Thermal Biology , 33:128-139 2008(Feb.)
    Author:Joji M. Otaki
  • Reversed type of color-pattern modifications of butterfly wings: A physiological mechanism of wing-wide color-pattern determination.
    , Journal of Insect Physiology , 53:526-537 2007(Sep.)
    Author:Joji M. Otaki
  • Stress-induced color-pattern modifications and evolution of the Painted Lady butterflies Vanessa cardui and Vanessa kershawi.
    , Zoological Science , 24:811-819 2007(Apr.)
    Author:Joji M. Otaki
  • Molecular Phylogeny and color-pattern evolution of Vanessa butterflies.
    , Transactions of Lepidopterological Society of Japan , 57:359-370 2006(May)
    Author:oji M. Otaki, Yuichi Kimura, HaruhikoYamamoto
  • Alignment-free classification of G-protein-coupled receptors using self-organizing maps.
    , Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling , 46:1479-1490 2006(Jan.)
    Author:Joji M. Otaki, Akihito Mori, Yoshimasa Itoh, Takashi Nakayama, Haruhiko Yamamoto.
  • Availability of short amino acid sequences in proteins.
    , Protein Scinece , 14:617-625 2005(Sep.)
    Author:Joji M. Otaki, Shunsuke Ienaka, Tomonori Gotoh, Haruhiko Yamamoto
  • Tungstate-induced color-pattern modifications of butterfly wings are independent of stress response and ecdysteroid effect.
    , Zoological Science , 22:635-644 2005(Jun.)
    Author:Joji M. Otaki, Tsuyoshi Ogasawara, Haruhiko Yamamoto
  • The proto-oncogene BCL-6 is expressed in olfactory sensory neurons
    , Neuroscience Research , 53:189-200 2005(Mar.)
    Author:Joji M. Otaki, Douglas T. Fearon, HaruhikoYamamot
  • Morphological comparison of pupal wing cuticle patterns in butterflies.
    , Zoological Science , 22:21-34 2005(Mar.)
    Author:Joji M. Otaki, Tsuyoshi Ogasawara, Haruhiko Yamamoto
  • Odorant receptor expression in the mouse cerebral cortex.
    , Journal of Neurobiology , 58:315-327 2004(Jul.)
    Author:Joji M. Otaki, Haruhiko Yamamoto, Stuart Firestein
  • Species-specific color-pattern modifications of butterfly wings.
    , Development, Growth , 46:1-14 2004(Apr.)
    Author:Joji M. Otaki, Haruhiko Yamamoto
  • Color-pattern modifications and speciation in butterflies of the genus Vanessa and its related genera Cynthia and Bassaris.
    , Zoological Science , 21:967-976 2004(Mar.)
    Author:Joji M. Otaki, Haruhiko Yamamot
  • Species-specific color-pattern modifications of butterfly wings.
    , Development, Growth and Differentiation , 46(1):1-14 2004
    Author:Otaki JM, Yamamoto H.
  • Odorant receptor exression in the mouse cerebral cortex
    , Journal of Neurobiology , 58(3):315-327 2004
    Author:Otaki JM, Yamamoto H, Firestein S.
  • Length analyses of Drosophila odorant receptors
    , Journal of Theoretical Biology , 223:27-37 2003
    Author:Joji M. Otaki, and Haruhiko Yamamoto
  • Frequency distribution of the number of amlnoucid trlplets in the non-redundant protein clatabase
    , Journal of Japan Society of Information and Knowledge , 13(3):25-38 2003
    Author:Joji M.OTAKI Tomonori GOTOH and Haruhiko YAMAMOTO
  • Color-pattern modifications and speciation in lycaenid butterflies
    , Transactions of Lepidopterological Society of Japan , 54:197-205 2003
    Author:Otaki JM, Yamamoto H
  • Length analyses of Mammalian G-protein-coupled receptors
    , Journal of Theoretical Biology , 211:77-100 2001
  • Neurestin: Putative transmembrane molecule Implicated in newronal development
    , Developmental Biology , 212(1):165-181 1999
    Author:Joji M. Otaki and Stuart Firestein
  • Segregated expression of neurestin in the developing olfactory bulb
    , NeuroReport , 10(12):2677-2680 1999
    Author:Joji M. Otaki, Stuart Firestin
  • Color-Pattern modifications of butterfly wings induced by transfusion and oxyanions
    , Journal of Insect Physiology , 44(12):1181-1190 1998
    Author:Joji M. Otaki
  • Functional expression of a mammalian odorant receptor
    , Science , 279(5348):237-242 1998
    Author:Zhao H, Ivic L, Otaki JM, Hashimoto M, Mikoshiba K, Firestein S.
  • Adenovirus-mediated gene transfer in olfactory neurons in vivo.
    , Journal of Neurobiology , 30(4):521-530 1996
    Author:Zhao H, Otaki JM, Firestein S

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