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Kimura Ryosuke

  • Faculty: Graduate School of MedicinePosition: Associate Professor
  • Address: 207 Uehara,Nishihara,Okinawa
  • TEL: FAX:
  • Mail Address:
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Research Field

  • Anthropology
  • Keywords:Evolution , Genetics

Current Subject

  • Genetic and morphological variations in humans
    Keywords:Heredity , Morphology

Academic Societies

Academic Societies
  • American Society of Human Genetics
  • Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution

Research Career

Research Career
  • 2013 - , University of the Ryukyus, Graduate School of Medicine, Associate Professor
  • 2009 - 2013 , University of the Ryukyus, Transdisciplinary Research Organ, Associate Professor
  • 2007 - 2008 , Tokai University School of Medicine, Assistant professor
  • 2004 - 2007 , JSPS, Postdoctorial fellow


Books, Articles, etc.

  • 系統地理学:DNAで解き明かす生きものの自然史 8章:ゲノム時代の集団解析―ヒト研究を例に―
    文一総合出版 , :215-260 2013
  • 人類の移動誌 2章:ゲノムからみた人類の拡散と適応
    臨川書店 , :25-37 2013
  • Common polymorphisms in WNT10A affect tooth morphology as well as hair shape.
    , Hum Mol Genet , 24:2673-2680 2015
    Author:Kimura R, Watanabe C, Kawaguchi A, Kim YI, Park SB, Maki K, Ishida H, Yamaguchi T
  • Model-Based Verification of Hypotheses on the Origin of Modern Japanese Revisited by Bayesian Inference Based on Genome-Wide SNP Data.
    , Molecular Biology and Evolution , 32:1533-1543 2015
    Author:Nakagome S, Sato T, Ishida H, Hanihara T, Yamaguchi T, Kimura R, Mano S, Oota H, Consortium ADR
  • Interpretations of practical population genetics analyses of genome-wide SNP data on human demography in Dynamics of Learning in Neanderthals and Modern Humans Volume 2: Cognitive and Physical Perspectives (eds. Akazawa, T., Ogihara, N., Tanabe, H.C., Terashima, H.)
    Springer , :105-117 2014
    Author:Kimura R
  • Dysbiosis of salivary microbiota in inflammatory bowel disease and its association with oral immunological biomarkers.
    , DNA Research , 21:15-25 2014
    Author:Said HS, Suda W, Nakagome S, Chinen H, Oshima K, Kim S, Kimura R, Iraha A, Ishida H, Fujita J, Mano S, Morita H, Dohi T, Oota H, Hattori M
  • The role of polymorphisms associated with early tooth eruption in dental and occlusal traits in East Asian populations.
    , Korean Journal of Orthodontics , 44:96-102 2014
    Author:Yamaguchi T, Kawaguchi A, Kim YI, Naga S, Katayama K, Ishida H, Park SB, Maki K, Kimura R
  • Genome-wide association study of degenerative bony changes of the temporomandibular joint.
    , Oral Diseases , 20:409-415 2014
    Author:Yamaguchi T, Nakaoka H, Yamamoto K, Fujikawa T, Kim YI, Yano K, Haga S, Katayama K, Shibusawa T, Park S, Maki K, Kimura R, Inoue I
  • Human genetic research, race, ethnicity and the labeling of populations: recommendations based on an interdisciplinary workshop in Japan.
    , BMC Medical Ethics , 15:33 2014
    Author:Takezawa Y, Kato K, Oota H, Caulfield T, Fujimoto A, Honda S, Kamatani N, Kawamura S, Kawashima K, Kimura R, Matsumae H, Saito A, Savage PE, Seguchi N, Shimizu K, Terao S, Yamaguchi-Kabata Y, Yasukouchi A, Yoneda M, Tokunaga K
  • Comparative analysis of facial morphology between Okinawa Islanders and mainland Japanese using three-dimensional images.
    , American Journal of Human Biology , 26:538-548 2014
    Author:Miyazato E, Yamaguchi K, Fukase H, Ishida H, Kimura R
  • Genome-Wide SNP Analysis Reveals Population Structure and Demographic History of the Ryukyu Islanders in the Southern Part of the Japanese Archipelago.
    , Molecular Biology and Evolution , 31:2929-2940 2014
    Author:Sato T, Nakagome S, Watanabe C, Yamaguchi K, Kawaguchi A, Koganebuchi K, Haneji K, Yamaguchi T, Hanihara T, Yamamoto K, Ishida H, Mano S, Kimura R, Oota H
  • Hypertension-susceptibility gene prevalence in the Pacific Islands and associations with hypertension in Melanesia.
    , Journal of Human Genetics , 58:142-149 2013
    Author:Furusawa T, Naka I, Yamauchi T, Natsuhara K, Eddie R, Kimura R, Nakazawa M, Ishida T, Inaoka T, Matsumura Y, Ataka Y, Ohtsuka R, Ohashi J
  • A genome-wide association study of third molar agenesis in Japanese and Korean populations.
    , Journal of Human Genetics , 58:799-803 2013
    Author:Haga S, Nakaoka H, Yamaguchi T, Yamamoto K, Kim YI, Samoto H, Ohno T, Katayama K, Ishida H, Park SB, Kimura R, Maki K, Inoue I
  • Metric characteristics of human limb bones in Asian and Japanese populations.
    , Anthropological Science , 121:49-62 2013
    Author:Kudaka M, Fukase H, Kimura R, Hanihara T, Matsumura H, Saso A, Fukumine T, Ishida H
  • A functional SNP upstream of the beta-2 adrenergic receptor gene (ADRB2) is associated with obesity in Oceanic populations.
    , International Journal of Obesity , 37:1204-1210 2013
    Author:Naka I, Hikami K, Nakayama K, Koga M, Nishida N, Kimura R, Furusawa T, Natsuhara K, Yamauchi T, Nakazawa M, Ataka Y, Ishida T, Inaoka T, Iwamoto S, Matsumura Y, Ohtsuka R, Tsuchiya N, Ohashi J
  • Evaluation of the allele-sharing approach, known as the IBS method, in kinship analysis.
    , Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine , 20:112-116 2013
    Author:Tamura T, Osawa M, Kimura R, Inaoka Y, Tanaka S, Satoh F, Sato I
  • Association of ADRB2 polymorphism with triglyceride levels in Tongans.
    , Lipids in Health and Disease , 12:110 2013
    Author:Naka I, Ohashi J, Kimura R, Inaoka T, Matsumura Y
  • The history of human populations in the Japanese Archipelago inferred from genome-wide SNP data with a special reference to the Ainu and the Ryukyuan populations.
    , Journal of Human Genetics , 57:787-795 2012
    Author:Jinam T, Nishida N, Hirai M, Kawamura S, Oota H, Umetsu K, Kimura R, Ohashi J, Tajima A, Yamamoto T, Tanabe H, Mano S, Suto Y, Kaname T, Naritomi K, Yanagi K, Niikawa N, Omoto K, Tokunaga K, Saitou N, Japanese Archipelago H
  • Association of common PAX9 variants with permanent tooth size variation in non-syndromic East Asian populations.
    , Journal of Human Genetics , 57:654-659 2012
    Author:Lee WC, Yamaguchi T, Watanabe C, Kawaguchi A, Takeda M, Kim YI, Haga S, Tomoyasu Y, Ishida H, Maki K, Park SB, Kimura R
  • DRD4 VNTR polymorphism in Oceanic populations.
    , Anthropological Science , 120:151-155 2012
    Author:Naka I, Ohashi J, Kimura R, Furusawa T, Yamauchi T, Nakazawa M, Natsuhara K, Ataka Y, Nishida N, Ishida T, Inaoka T, Matsumura Y, Ohtsuka R
  • Effects of an Asian-specific nonsynonymous EDAR variant on multiple dental traits.
    , Journal of Human Genetics , 57:508-514 2012
    Author:Park JH, Yamaguchi T, Watanabe C, Kawaguchi A, Haneji K, Takeda M, Kim YI, Tomoyasu Y, Watanabe M, Oota H, Hanihara T, Ishida H, Maki K, Park SB, Kimura R
  • Association of melanocortin 1 receptor gene (MC1R) polymorphisms with skin reflectance and freckles in Japanese.
    , Journal of Human Genetics , 57:700-708 2012
    Author:Yamaguchi K, Watanabe C, Kawaguchi A, Sato T, Naka I, Shindo M, Moromizato K, Aoki K, Ishida H, Kimura R
  • The serum leptin level and body mass index in Melanesian and Micronesian Solomon Islanders: focus on genetic factors and urbanization.
    , American Journal of Human Biology , 23:435-444 2011
    Author:Furusawa T, Naka I, Yamauchi T, Natsuhara K, Kimura R, Nakazawa M, Ishida T, Nishida N, Eddie R, Ohtsuka R, Ohashi J
  • Testing the thrifty gene hypothesis: the Gly482Ser variant in PPARGC1A is associated with BMI in Tongans.
    , BMC Medical Genetics , 12:10 2011
    Author:Myles S, Lea RA, Ohashi J, Chambers GK, Weiss JG, Hardouin E, Engelken J, Macartney-Coxson DP, Eccles DA, Naka I, Kimura R, Inaoka T, Matsumura Y, Stoneking M
  • Advanced CT images reveal nonmetric cranial variations in living humans.
    , Anthropological Science , 119:231-237 2011
    Author:Saitou N, Kimura R, Fukase H, Yogi A, Murayama S, Ishida H
  • The Q223R polymorphism in LEPR is associated with obesity in Pacific Islanders.
    , Human Genetics , 127:287-294 2010
    Author:Furusawa T, Naka I, Yamauchi T, Natsuhara K, Kimura R, Nakazawa M, Ishida T, Inaoka T, Matsumura Y, Ataka Y, Nishida N, Tsuchiya N, Ohtsuka R, Ohashi J
  • Epstein-Barr virus strains defined by the latent membrane protein 1 sequence characterize Thai ethnic groups.
    , Journal of General Virology , 91:2054-2061 2010
    Author:Saechan V, Settheetham-Ishida W, Kimura R, Tiwawech D, Mitarnun W, Ishida T
  • Mapping human genetic diversity in Asia.
    , Science , 326:1541-1545 2009
    Author:Abdulla MA, Ahmed I, Assawamakin A, Bhak J, Brahmachari SK, Calacal GC, Chaurasia A, Chen CH, Chen JM, Chen YT, Chu JY, Cutiongco-de la Paz EMC, De Ungria MCA, Delfin FC, Edo J, Fuchareon S, Ghang H, Gojobori T, Han JS, Ho SF, Hoh BP, Huang W, Inoko H, Jha P, Jinam TA, Jin L, Jung J, Kangwanpong D, Kampuansai J, Kennedy GC, Khurana P, Kim HL, Kim K, Kim S, Kim WY, Kimm K, Kimura R, Koike T, Kulawonganunchai S, Kumar V, Lai PS, Lee JY, Lee S, Liu ET, Majumder PP, Mandapati KK, Marzuki S, Mitchell W, Mukerji M, Naritomi K, Ngamphiw C, Niikawa N, Nishida N, Oh B, Oh S, Ohashi J, Oka A, Ong R, Padilla CD, Palittapongarnpim P, Perdigon HB, Phipps ME, Png E, Sakaki Y, Salvador JM, Sandraling Y, Scaria V, Seielstad M, Sidek MR, Sinha A, Srikummool M, Sudoyo H, Sugano S, Suryadi H, Suzuki Y, Tabbada KA, Tan A, Tokunaga K, Tongsima S, Villamor LP, Wang E, Wang Y, Wang HF, Wu JY, Xiao HS, Xu SH, Yang JO, Shugart YY, Yoo HS, Yuan WT, Zhao GP, Zilfalil BA, Consortium HPAS, Indian Genome Variation C
  • FGFR2 is associated with hair thickness in Asian populations.
    , Journal of Human Genetics , 54:461-465 2009
    Author:Fujimoto A, Nishida N, Kimura R, Miyagawa T, Yuliwulandari R, Batubara L, Mustofa MS, Samakkarn U, Settheetham-Ishida W, Ishida T, Morishita Y, Tsunoda T, Tokunaga K, Ohashi J
  • Stature estimation formulae from radiographically determined limb bone length in a modern Japanese population.
    , Legal Medicine , 11:260-266 2009
    Author:Hasegawa I, Uenishi K, Fukunaga T, Kimura R, Osawa M
  • A common variation in EDAR Is a genetic determinant of shovel-shaped incisors.
    , American Journal of Human Genetics , 85:528-535 2009
    Author:Kimura R, Yamaguchi T, Takeda M, Kondo O, Toma T, Haneji K, Hanihara T, Matsukusa H, Kawamura S, Maki K, Osawa M, Ishida H, Oota H
  • SNP association and sequence analysis of the NOS1AP gene in SIDS.
    , Legal Medicine , 11(Suppl 1):S307-308 2009
    Author:Osawa M, Kimura R, Hasegawa I, Mukasa N, Satoh F
  • A scan for genetic determinants of human hair morphology: EDAR is associated with Asian hair thickness.
    , Human Molecular Genetics , 17:835-843 2008
    Author:Fujimoto A, Kimura R, Ohashi J, Omi K, Yuliwulandari R, Batubara L, Mustofa MS, Samakkarn U, Settheetham-Ishida W, Ishida T, Morishita Y, Furusawa T, Nakazawa M, Ohtsuka R, Tokunaga K
  • A replication study confirmed the EDAR gene to be a major contributor to population differentiation regarding head hair thickness in Asia.
    , Human Genetics , 124:179-185 2008
    Author:Fujimoto A, Ohashi J, Nishida N, Miyagawa T, Morishita Y, Tsunoda T, Kimura R, Tokunaga K
  • Gene flow and natural selection in Oceanic human populations inferred from genome-wide SNP typing.
    , Molecular Biology and Evolution , 25:1750-1761 2008
    Author:Kimura R, Ohashi J, Matsumura Y, Nakazawa M, Inaoka T, Ohtsuka R, Osawa M, Tokunaga K
  • Variant between CPT1B and CHKB associated with susceptibility to narcolepsy.
    , Nature Genetics , 40:1324-1328 2008
    Author:Miyagawa T, Kawashima M, Nishida N, Ohashi J, Kimura R, Fujimoto A, Shimada M, Morishita S, Shigeta T, Lin L, Hong SC, Faraco J, Shin YK, Jeong JH, Okazaki Y, Tsuji S, Honda M, Honda Y, Mignot E, Tokunaga K
  • Appropriate data cleaning methods for genome-wide association study.
    , Journal of Human Genetics , 53:886-893 2008
    Author:Miyagawa T, Nishida N, Ohashi J, Kimura R, Fujimoto A, Kawashima M, Koike A, Sasaki T, Tanii H, Otowa T, Momose Y, Nakahara Y, Gotoh J, Okazaki Y, Tsuji S, Tokunaga K
  • Significant association between TIM1 promoter polymorphisms and protection against cerebral malaria in thailand.
    , Annals of Human Genetics , 72:327-336 2008
    Author:Nuchnoi P, Ohashi J, Kimura R, Hananantachai H, Naka I, Krudsood S, Looareesuwan S, Tokunaga K, Patarapotikul J
  • A functional single-nucleotide polymorphism in the CR1 promoter region contributes to protection against cerebral malaria.
    , Journal of Infectious Diseases , 198:1880-1891 2008
    Author:Teeranaipong P, Ohashi J, Patarapotikul J, Kimura R, Nuchnoi P, Hananantachai H, Naka I, Putaporntip C, Jongwutiwes S, Tokunaga K
  • A practical genome scan for population-specific strong selective sweeps that have reached fixation.
    , PLoS One , 2:e286 2007
    Author:Kimura R, Fujimoto A, Tokunaga K, Ohashi J
  • FTO polymorphisms in oceanic populations.
    , Journal of Human Genetics , 52:1031-1035 2007
    Author:Ohashi J, Naka I, Kimura R, Natsuhara K, Yamauchi T, Furusawa T, Nakazawa M, Ataka Y, Patarapotikul J, Nuchnoi P, Tokunaga K, Ishida T, Inaoka T, Matsumura Y, Ohtsuka R
  • Coexistence of five G6PD variants indicates ethnic complexity of Phuket islanders, Southern Thailand.
    , Journal of Human Genetics , 51:424-428 2006
    Author:Ninokata A, Kimura R, Samakkarn U, Settheetham-Ishida W, Ishida T
  • HLA-DRB1 polymorphism on Ha'ano island of the Kingdom of Tonga.
    , Anthropological Science , 114:193-198 2006
    Author:Ohashi J, Naka I, Kimura R, Tokunaga K, Nakazawa M, Ataka Y, Ohtsuka R, Inaoka T, Matsumura Y
  • Polymorphisms in the ABO blood group gene in three populations in the New Georgia group of the Solomon Islands.
    , Journal of Human Genetics , 51:407-411 2006
    Author:Ohashi J, Naka I, Kimura R, Tokunaga K, Yamauchi T, Natsuhara K, Furusawa T, Yamamoto R, Nakazawa M, Ishida T, Ohtsuka R
  • Anthropometry of 5-19-year-old Tongan children with special interest in the high prevalence of obesity among adolescent girls.
    , Annals of Human Biology , 32:714-723 2005
    Author:Fukuyama S, Inaoka T, Matsumura Y, Yamauchi T, Natsuhara K, Kimura R, Ohtsuka R
  • Allele-specific transcript quantification detects haplotypic variation in the levels of the SDF-1 transcripts.
    , Human Molecular Genetics , 14:1579-1585 2005
    Author:Kimura R, Nishioka T, Soemantri A, Ishida T
  • Cis-acting effect of the IL1B C-31T polymorphism on IL-1 beta mRNA expression.
    , Genes and Immunity , 5:572-575 2004
    Author:Kimura R, Nishioka T, Soemantri A, Ishida T
  • The SDF1-G801A polymorphism is not associated with SDF1 gene expression in Epstein-Barr virus-transformed lymphoblastoid cells.
    , Genes and Immunity , 4:356-361 2003
    Author:Kimura R, Nishioka T, Ishida T
  • Anthropological implication of the SDF1-3 ' A allele distribution in Southeast Asia and Melanesia.
    , Journal of Human Genetics , 47:117-121 2002
    Author:Kimura R, Soemantri A, Settheetham-Ishida W, Ohtsuka R, Inaoka T, Pookajorn S, Tiwawech D, Duanchang P, Ishida T
  • The human SDF1 gene polymorphism is located on a mutational hot spot that was identified by the hominoid genome study.
    , Human Biology , 73:891-896 2001
    Author:Kimura R, Ishida T
  • Human Migrations and Adaptations in Asia Inferred from Genome Diversity. In: Kaifu Y, Izuho M, Goebel T, Sato H, Ono A eds.
    , Emergence and Diversity of Modern Human Behavior in Paleolithic Asia , :34-50 2015
    Author:Kimura R
  • 集団ゲノム学の方法論①-集団史を推定する-
    , 医学のあゆみ , 249:207-210 2014
  • 集団ゲノム学の方法論②-遺伝適応の痕跡を探索する-
    , 医学のあゆみ , 249:279-282 2014
  • Identifying regions of the human genome that exhibit evidence of positive selection (ver. 2).
    Wiley , Encyclopedia of Life Sciences , 2 2013
    Author:Kimura R, Ohashi J
  • ゲノム研究で切り開かれる人類学の新たな挑戦
    , 遺伝 , 67:327-333 2013
  • ゲノム集団遺伝学を利用した形質関連遺伝子の同定―毛髪と歯の形態を例に
    , 医学のあゆみ , 234:169-170 2010
  • 集団頻度情報を用いないゲノムワイドなSNPタイピングによる親縁係数の推定.
    東洋書店 , DNA多型 , 17:14-17 2009
    Author:木村亮介, 大澤資樹
  • オセアニアにおける遺伝子流動と自然選択に関するゲノムワイドSNP解析.
    東洋書店 , DNA多型 , 16:282-286 2008
    Author:木村亮介, 大澤資樹, 大橋順, 徳永勝士, 松村康弘, 中澤港, 稲岡司, 大塚柳太郎

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