Yasumoto Jun




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  • Duty   University of the Ryukyus   Faculty of Agriculture   Regional Agricultural Engineering   Instructor  

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    Kochi University   Faculty of Agriculture   Graduated

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    Kochi University  Graduate School, Division of Agriculture  Master's Course  Completed


    Ehime University  Graduate School, Division of Agricltural Sciences  Doctor's Course  Completed

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  • 2006.04


  • 2008.04


  • 2009.04


  • 2009.04

    University of the Ryukyus, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Regional Agricultural Engineering, Research Associate  

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    American Geophysical Union 


    International Association of Hydrogeologists 

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  • Submarine groundwater discharge,Saltwater Intrusion,Groundwater quality,Groundwater modeling

  • 水環境保全

  • 海底地下水湧出

  • 陸と海との相互作用

  • 流域ガバナンス

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Research Areas 【 display / non-display

  • Environmental Science/Agriculture Science / Rural environmental engineering and planning

  • Social Infrastructure (Civil Engineering, Architecture, Disaster Prevention) / Hydroengineering

  • Environmental Science/Agriculture Science / Environmental dynamic analysis

  • Natural Science / Atmospheric and hydrospheric sciences

Published Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Phosphate Enrichment Hampers Development of Juvenile Acropora digitifera Coral by Inhibiting Skeleton Formation.

    Iijima M, Yasumoto K, Yasumoto J, Yasumoto-Hirose M, Kuniya N, Takeuchi R, Nozaki M, Nanba N, Nakamura T, Jimbo M, Watabe S

    Marine biotechnology (New York, N.Y.) ( Marine Biotechnology )  21 ( 2 ) 291 - 300   2019.04 [ Peer Review Accepted ]

    Type of publication: Research paper (scientific journal)

  • Atmospheric CO2 captured by biogenic polyamines is transferred as a possible substrate to Rubisco for the carboxylation reaction.

    Yasumoto K, Sakata T, Yasumoto J, Yasumoto-Hirose M, Sato SI, Mori-Yasumoto K, Jimbo M, Kusumi T, Watabe S

    Scientific reports ( Scientific Reports )  8 ( 1 ) 17724   2018.12 [ Peer Review Accepted ]

    Type of publication: Research paper (scientific journal)

  • Hydrochemical behaviour of an underground dammed limestone aquifer in the subtropics

    Nakaya Shinji, Yasumoto Jun, Ha Phan Min, Aoki Hideto, Kohara Fumiya, Masuda Harue, Masuoka Kentaroh

    HYDROLOGICAL PROCESSES   32 ( 23 ) 3529 - 3546   2018.11 [ Peer Review Accepted ]

    Type of publication: Research paper (scientific journal)

  • 琉球石灰岩帯水層における脱窒に係わる微生物相解析


    地下水学会誌 ( 公益社団法人 日本地下水学会 )  57 ( 2 ) 153 - 169   2015.05 [ Peer Review Accepted ]

    Type of publication: Research paper (scientific journal)

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    本研究では,沖縄本島南部地域の琉球石灰岩帯水層において,地下水水質データと硝酸中の窒素及び酸素同位体比(δ#U15#URN#DNO#B#D3#DR#BR#DR,δ#U18#URO#DNO#B#D3#DR#BR#DR)を測定することで脱窒ポイントを推定し,PCR法を組み合わせた変性剤濃度勾配ゲル電気泳動法(以下,PCR-DGGE法)及びリアルタイムPCR等を用いた微生物相解析等を実施して,帯水層中の優占種および分離菌株の分子系統解析と脱窒関連遺伝子の検出と定量を試みると共に,その結果とδ#U15#URN#DNO#B#D3#DR#BR#DR,δ#U18#URO#DNO#B#D3#DR#BR#DRの結果を比較し,地下水中の脱窒の有無やその程度の推定に対する微生物相解析の有効性について検討した。<BR>その結果,細菌種は異なるものの,脱窒ポイント,その他のポイントに係わらず,全観測地点で脱窒能を持つと報告されている属と同じ属の細菌が検出された。リアルタイムPCRを用いて脱窒関連遺伝子(nirS/nirK)の定量を行ったところ,nirK遺伝子に比べnirS遺伝子の方が多く検出され,本地域の脱窒にはnirS遺伝子をもつ微生物が優先的にかかわっていることが明らかとなった。さらに,nirS及びnirK遺伝子のDNA コピー数とδ#U15#URN#DNO#B#D3#DR#BR#DR,δ#U18#URO#DNO#B#D3#DR#BR#DRの値との間には比較的高い相関がみられ,δ#U15#URN#DNO#B#D3#DR#BR#DR,δ#U18#URO#DNO#B#D3#DR#BR#DRを用いた同位体的手法とリアルタイムPCRを用いた脱窒関連遺伝子の定量手法を併用することが,地下水中における脱窒環境やその程度を推定する有効な手法となる可能性が示唆された。

  • 琉球石灰岩帯水層における広域地下水流動モデルの構築


    土木学会論文集B1(水工学) ( 公益社団法人 土木学会 )  71 ( 4 ) I_217-222 - I_222   2015 [ Peer Review Accepted ]

    Type of publication: Research paper (scientific journal)

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    Groundwater model for understanding and predicting hydraulics and contaminant transport in aquifer make assumptions about the distribution and hydraulic properties of geologic features that may not always apply to karst aquifers. In this study, a finite difference groundwater model (MODFLOW-NWT) was applied to construct an equivalent single layer two-dimensional mathematical model of the Ryukyu limestone aquifer, which is located a southern part of Okinawa main islands. In order to handle problems at regional scale groundwater model in the aquifer, automated parameter estimation method (PEST) was used in this model. Groundwater level measurements collected in 1994 were used to calibrate a steady state model of the study area. This study shows the ability of MODFLOW-NWT and PEST to simulate regional groundwater flow in highly karstified aquifer such as Ryukyu limestone aquifer, which is important for water resource and groundwater management in the area.

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Presentations 【 display / non-display

  • Dynamics of phosphate species in soil and groundwater in coastal limestone area, Okinawa, Japan

    Jun Yasumoto, Masashi Nozaki, Ko Yasumoto, Mina Hirose Yasumoto, Ryuichi Shinjo, Akira Iguchi, Mariko Iijima and Shinji Nakaya

    AGU Fall Meeting  (San Francisco)  2019.12  -  2019.12 

  • Phosphorus enrichment hampers the development of juvenile coral by directly inhibiting biomineral skeleton elongation

    Iijima M, Yasumoto K, Yasumoto J, Hirose Yasumoto M, Iguchi A, Jimbo M, Watabe S.

    AGU Fall Meeting  (San Francisco)  2019.12  -  2019.12 

  • Mechanisms involved in calcium carbonate precipitation by marine microorganisms

    Kanami Mori-Yasumoto, Yasumoto Ko, Mina Yasumoto-Hirose, Jun Yasumoto, Mitsuru Jimbo, Shugo Watabe

    AGU Fall Meeting  (San Francisco)  2019.12  -  2019.12 

  • Effect of polyamine transporter inhibitor on the pH increase in calcifying fluids of juvenile coral polyps possibly involved in calcification processes

    Yasumoto K, Kubota A, Yasumoto J, Mori-Yasumoto K, Iijima M, Hirose Yasumoto M, Iguchi A, Jimbo M, Watabe S.

    AGU Fall Meeting  (San Francisco)  2019.12  -  2019.12 

  • Phylogenetic relationships of prokaryotic symbionts in hard coral based on 16S rRNA sequences

    Yuze M, Yasumoto-Hirose M, Mizusawa N, Yasumoto K, Yasumoto J, Iijima M, Kasai H, Amano H, Jimbo M, Watabe S.

    International Symposium on Aquatic Metagenomics 2019  2019.11  -  2019.11 

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