Iwahashi Roki




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  • Duty   University of the Ryukyus   Faculty of Global and Regional Studies   economic program   Professor  

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  • Kyoto University -  Doctor of Economics

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  • 2010.03

    University of the Ryukyus, Faculty of Law and Letters, Department of Comprehensive Social Systems Studies, Comparative Economic Analysis, Associate Professor  

  • 2018.04


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  • Other

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  • Empirical analysis of the dynamics of tourists using a simple stochastic model: Case of Okinawa

    Iwahashi R.

    Review of Urban and Regional Development Studies ( Review of Urban and Regional Development Studies )  27 ( 2 ) 89 - 103   2015.07

  • Empirical Analysis on the Dynamics of Tourists with a Simple Stochastic Model: Case of Okinawa

    Tadashi Ito, Roki Iwahashi

    Review of Urban & Regional Development Studies, ( その他の出版社 )  Vol.27, No.2, pp.89-103   2015

  • On the Efficiency Costs of De-tracking Secondary Schools in Europe

    Kenn Ariga, Giorgio Brunello, Roki Iwahashi and Lorenzo Rocco

    Education Economics ( その他の出版社 )  Vol.20, No.2, pp.117-138   2011

  • The Rise in Schooling due to the Economic Development : The Case of East Asia


    No.71 (2006/3) ( 琉球大学法文学部 )  ( 71 ) 1 - 13   2008.01

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    This paper introduces a theoretical model based on a fairly new viewpoint on education, by which people are informed of their expected outcomes of future education. According to the model, the effect of the recent rapid development in East Asian countries, on the demand of education is examined, using panel data of 10 East Asian countries. We believe that our framework offers the key to an understanding of the interdependent relation between schooling and economic development in recent East Asia. It is also found that the impact of the economic development on educational demand is larger for boys, particularly in tertiary education. (管理者追加)リポジトリ登録情報を移行しました。確認のうえ、加除修正をしてください。

  • The Stairways to Heaven: A Model of Career Choice in Sports and Games, with an Application to Chess

    Kenn Ariga, Giorgio Brunello, Roki Iwahashi and Lorenzo Rocco

    IZA DP, No.3327 ( その他の出版社 )    2008

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