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  • 切れ目のないキャリア教育のための評価尺度(Scale for Coordinate Contiguous Career: Scale C<sup>3</sup>)の内容的妥当性の検証

    沼館 知里, 照屋 晴奈, 梅田 真理, 韓 昌完

    トータルリハビリテーションリサーチ ( 一般社団法人 Asian Society of Human Services )  6 ( 0 ) 33 - 44   2018.06

    Type of publication: Research paper (scientific journal)

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    Han, Numadate & Goya (2018) has developed Scale for Coordinate Contiguous Career (Scale C<sup>3</sup>) for the evaluation and support for adolescents and adults after compulsory education. In this research, we aim to verify the content validity of Scale C<sup>3</sup>. In order to verify the content validity, a questionnaire survey was conducted for high school, university and company career education personnel. As a result of expert survey, all experts responded that Scale C<sup>3</sup> area is valid. And regarding the item of Scale C<sup>3</sup>, 90% of experts responded that 92 items out of 100 items are valid. Based on the results of this survey, eight items that 80% of experts did not respond that they are valid were excluded from Scale C<sup>3</sup>. The final draft of Scale C<sup>3</sup> was composed of 92 items in 16 areas. As future research, it is necessary to collect data using the draft prepared in this research to verify the reliability and the validity of the composition concept.

  • 「聞く」能力に課題のあるIN-Childの指導に及ぼす影響要因の分析

    小原 愛子, 矢野 夏樹, 韓 昌完

    トータルリハビリテーションリサーチ ( 一般社団法人 Asian Society of Human Services )  6 ( 0 ) 14 - 21   2018.06

    Type of publication: Research paper (scientific journal)

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    Many of the children with comprehensive educational needs (Inclusive Needs Child: IN-Child) have the needs that listening ability. In this study, in order to examine the teaching method to improve the ability to listen to IN - Child, we analyzed the influence of characteristics similar to attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) on listening ability. As the results, it became clear that children with inattention or characteristics similar to ADHD have needs that "misunderstanding the story and fail to hear", "difficulty to discussion" and "difficulty to listen simultaneous instruction". In addition, it became clear that children with characteristics similar to ASD have needs that "mis listening the sounds" and "difficulty to discussion". Based on the findings from this study, it is expected that teaching methods for IN-Child with characteristics similar to ADHD or ASD will be developed.

  • Consideration of Constructs for the Social Skill Training Program Development for Children with ADHD Tendency

    KOHARA Aiko, KWON Haejin, KOMINE Yoshino, HAN Changwan

    Asian Journal of Human Services ( 一般社団法人 Asian Society of Human Services )  14 ( 0 ) 66 - 83   2018

    Type of publication: Research paper (scientific journal)

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    The IN-Child means of ″inclusive education needs child″. There is In-Child who shows remarkable difficulty in a behavior face about 3.6% in Japan (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, 2012). However, there are a few concrete teaching programs to improve social skills according to the characteristics of ADHD tendency, and the effectiveness of its teaching programs has not yet been verified. The purpose of this study is to decide on the social skill training program for the children with ADHD tendencies in regular classes. We searched the practical reports on children with ADHD tendencies in foreign countries by using the ERIC-Institute of Education Science thesis database. Among them, 23 papers were related to practical reports. Since there were practices listed in the review paper, a total of 12 cases were analyzed. There were many programs that used rewards, such as token economy, thereby indicating that a program promoting voluntary activities with a reward is believed to be effective for children with ADHD tendencies.

  • IN-Child Recordに基づいたASD傾向のあるIN-Childに対する指導法の分析

    太田 麻美子, 金城 晶, 梅田 真理, 韓 昌完

    Journal of Inclusive Education ( 一般社団法人 アジアヒューマンサービス学会 )  4 ( 0 ) 36 - 53   2018

    Type of publication: Research paper (scientific journal)

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    IN-Childとは、包括的教育を必要とする全ての子どもを指す用語であり、IN-Child Recordとは、IN-ChildのQOL向上の観点から支援ニーズを検討する為の82項目14領域で構成されているツールである。本研究では、IN-Child Recordの14領域を用いて、既存の論文・学会発表における指導実践を分析することで、ASD傾向のあるIN-Childに対して教育現場で行われている指導・支援方法を典型化し、課題を明らかにすることを目的とした。その結果、ASD傾向のあるIN-Childに対する指導・支援として、①保護者も含めた、学校やスクールカウンセラーとの定期的な情報共有の必要性、②スケジュールや物理的構造化の必要性、③応用行動分析の観点を含めた行動マネジメントの必要性が明らかになった。今後、ASD傾向のあるIN-Childに対する行動マネジメントの観点を決め、具体的な指導プログラムを開発する必要がある。

  • Development of a Tool for Collaboration between the Fields of Medicine and Education Based on "Inclusive Needs-Child Record"

    YANO Natsuki, KWON Haejin, HAN Changwan, KOHZUKI Masahiro

    Asian Journal of Human Services ( 一般社団法人 Asian Society of Human Services )  13 ( 0 ) 63 - 75   2017

    Type of publication: Research paper (scientific journal)

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    With regard to the diagnosis of developmental disorders in Japan, it has been reported that it takes a long time (3-10 months) for children to be examined to find out if they have a developmental disorder due to the limited number of medical specialists and specialized healthcare institutions. To resolve this problem, collaboration between the fields of medicine and education has been suggested, by using the "Inclusive Needs-Child Record (IN-Child Record: ICR)." ICR, however, was originally created for the teachers in the field of education, and as such, there are many items therein that are not needed by medical specialists. As such, the necessity of coming up with a new tool has arisen to facilitate the communication and collaboration between the fields of medicine and education. Therefore, this study aimed to develop a tool for effectively providing medical specialists with the information on children possessed by teachers, who spend the longest time with the children. The new tool was designed by combining ICR with DSM-5. To determine the core information that medical specialists need to know for the diagnosis of developmental disorders, a survey was conducted among 1,059 children from elementary and junior high schools in Okinawa Prefecture. From the results of the survey and of the correlation analysis between ICR and DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition), the items that should be included in the new tool were selected, with focus on autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Finally, the tool for collaboration between the fields of medicine and education was established, consisting of 35 items in four domains. Through the future research, the tool needs to be further developed after verifying its reliability and validity.

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