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1 Senbaru,Nishihara,Okinawa 903-0213

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  • Duty   University of the Ryukyus   Research Institute for Islands and Sustainability: RIIS   Professor  

  • Concurrently   University of the Ryukyus   Graduate School of Tourism Sciences  

  • Concurrently   University of the Ryukyus   Graduate School of Community Engagement and Development   Culture and Environment   Professor  

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  • 1998.04

    Tokyo Institute of Technology  Graduate School, Division of Integrated Science and Engineering  Department of Built Environment  Doctor's Course (second term)  Completed

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  • 2001.07

    Norwegian University of Science and Technology  

Academic degree 【 display / non-display

  • Tokyo Institute of Technology -  Doctor (Emgineering)

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  • 2004.08

    Department of Architectural Design  

  • 2011.04

    University of the Ryukyus, Faculty of Tourism Sciences and Industrial Management, Department of Tourism Sciences, Associate Professor  

  • 2017.04


  • 2018.04


  • 2020.04


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Affiliated academic organizations 【 display / non-display

  • 2008.04

    the International Committee for the Conservation of the Industrial Heritage, TICCIH 

  • 2012.06

    Japan Industrial Archaeological Society 

  • 2014.05

    Japan Society for Tourism Studies 

  • 2014.07

    Japan Society of Civil Engineers 

  • 2014.08

    Japan Institute of Tourism Research 

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  • Cultural landscape,Cultural heritage

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  • Humanities & Social Sciences / Cultural assets study

  • Humanities & Social Sciences / Museology

  • Social Infrastructure (Civil Engineering, Architecture, Disaster Prevention) / Architectural history and design

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  • 農書を系譜とする日本近代社会成立期の村落における理想的住宅観・村落観ー近代における建築思潮に関する史的研究


Published Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Cement Roof Tiles in the Ryukyu Islands and Taiwan in MOndern Period

    So Hatano, Kaishi Yamagiwa, and Saki Takeshima

    Journal of Southeast Asian Archaeology ( Japan Society for Southeast Asian Archaeology )  ( 42 ) 73 - 84   2023.02 [ Peer Review Accepted ]

    Type of publication: Research paper (scientific journal)

  • Cultural Heritage and Its Authenticity: Spatialization of Local Pasts through Making Models in Jinguashi Mine, Taiwan

    So Hatano, Hui-ju Lin

    Okinawan Journal of Island Studies ( Research Institute for Islands and Sustainability, University of the Ryukyus )  3 ( 2 ) 55 - 73   2022.03 [ Peer Review Accepted ]

    Type of publication: Research paper (scientific journal)

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    The Jinguashi Mine, located in the northeastern part of Taiwan, was a gold mine that underwent full-scale development during the Japanese colonial period and continued to operate until the mid-1980s. Suspension of mining operations often leads to the withdrawal of local residents and the decline of the region. However, at the Jinguashi Mine, immediately after the business was suspended, local residents showed the idea of making the entire area a museum, leading to the establishment of the Taipei Prefectural Gold Museum. In other words, some local residents chose to relocate the area as a cultural heritage and continue to live instead of moving out after the mine was closed. The Gold Museum has been conducting reconstructive research to identify the past with researchers in history, geography, architecture, etc. These studies mainly use drawings, photographs, documents, etc. created by mining companies, and the historical facts that emerge from them must be viewed from the mining company's side. On the other hand, there should be life histories that were originally spun by local residents, but they have hardly been looked after until now. However, more than 30 years have passed since the mine was closed, and the number of local residents who remember the time when the mine was crowded with many people has decreased. Some of the local residents who were worried about it set up their own private museum and began trying to reproduce the past architecture and space as a model, relying on the memories of themselves and their parents. In other words, not the history ‘research’ by researchers, but the historical ‘practice’ by local residents has begun. However, it is easy to imagine that the memory relied on when making models will be composed of various characteristics such as one's own experience, information obtained through interaction with other generations, and a mixture of them. Needless to say, those memories are not always the same as the historical facts revealed by historical studies. And the model made based on the memory with such characteristics may not be the same as the shape of the mining facility that existed in the past. Nevertheless, where are the local residents' speculations that promote the spatialization of memory? What is the significance of visualizing the past in memory? Regarding the new historical ‘practice’ by local residents in Jinguashi Mine, through architecturally analyzing the situation of spatialization of memories, and through interviews with the stakeholders, the study aims to clarify the ideological framework of historical ‘practice’ and the situation of commitment to local society.

  • Interpreting Colonial Mining Heritage in Taiwan: For Conceptual Framework


    その他の掲載誌 ( 中華民国行政院文化建設委員会 )    2012

    Type of publication: Research paper (other science council materials etc.)

  • Territorial Conservation in the Context of Eco-development: The Case of Røros, Norway

    So Hatano

    Proceedings of International Conference on East Asian Architectural Culture     2005.09 [ Peer Review Accepted ]

    Type of publication: Research paper (international conference proceedings)

Books 【 display / non-display

  • The Perspective of Cultural Heritage/Cultural Landscape in Critical Island Studies

    So Hatano ( Part: Single Author )

    Springer Nature Singapore  2020.11

  • Introductory Paper Plan for Cultural Landscape Management: A Case of Fishpond Network in the Třeboň Basin, the Czech Republic

    その他の著者 ( Part: Single Author )

    中華民国行政院文化建設委員会  2006

  • Directivity for Cultural Landscape Protection: What Taiwanese Understanding of Cultural Landscape is

    その他の著者 ( Part: Single Author )

    中華民国行政院文化建設委員会  2006

SDGs 【 display / non-display

  • 文化遺産保護