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  • Caste development and sex ratio of the Ryukyu drywood termite Neotermes sugioi and its potential mechanisms

    Miyaguni Y.

    Scientific Reports ( Scientific Reports )  11 ( 15037 )   2021.07 [ Peer Review Accepted ]

    Type of publication: Research paper (scientific journal)

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    <title>Abstract</title>Sex allocation is one of the most studied traits in evolutionary biology because its theoretical predictions match the empirical data. Here, using the Ryukyu dry-wood termite <italic>Neotermes sugioi</italic>, we investigated several factors that could bias the sex allocation in three populations (Okinawa, Ishigaki/Iriomote, and Yonaguni). Our survey showed that there were more queen-only colonies than king-only colonies in these populations, suggesting a longer lifespan of the queens than that of the kings. In this condition, sex-asymmetric reproductive value (SRV) theory predicts female bias, because even after the short-lived kings die, the long-lived queens can continue reproduction with their sons. However, sex allocation in this species seemed to be biased toward males. Furthermore, we examined the possibility of intrasexual competition among siblings (ICS). If ICS is the cause of the bias, the allocation is expected to change depending on the total investment in sexual offspring. However, the biomass of both male and female alates increased linearly with the increase in the total biomass of the alates in these populations. Thus, neither the SRV nor the ICS theory could explain the male-biased sex ratio of <italic>N. sugioi</italic>. On the basis of these results, we discuss the remaining possibilities in this species.

  • Classes that encourage mind change from a "questionee" to a "questioner" -Online lessons of "Question Formulation Technique" in science education-

      98   47 - 58   2021.03

    Type of publication: Research paper (bulletin of university, research institution)

  • Male-specific alleles in the Ryukyu drywood termite Neotermes sugioi

    Agarie A, Miyaguni Y, Sugio K, Kobayashi K

    Ecology and evolution ( Ecology and Evolution )  10 ( 18 ) 9584 - 9587   2020.09 [ Peer Review Accepted ]

    Type of publication: Research paper (scientific journal)

  • Colony structure and caste distribution in living trees of the Ryukyu drywood termite, Neotermes sugioi (Blattodea: Kalotermitidae) in Okinawa Island

    Koji Sugio, Yasushi Miyaguni, Tsuyoshi Yoshimura

    Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology ( Elsevier BV )  23 ( 4 ) 853 - 862   2020.07 [ Peer Review Accepted ]

    Type of publication: Research paper (scientific journal)

  • Synchronization of alate emergence among colonies and dispersal strategy in the Ryukyu dry-wood termite Neotermes sugioi (Isoptera: Kalotermitidae)

    K. Sugio, Y. Miyaguni, T. Yoshimura

    Insectes Sociaux ( Springer Science and Business Media LLC )  67 ( 2 ) 309 - 316   2020.05 [ Peer Review Accepted ]

    Type of publication: Research paper (scientific journal)

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  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(B)

    Project Year: 2021.04  -  2025.03 

    Direct: 13,300,000 (YEN)  Overheads: 17,290,000 (YEN)  Total: 3,990,000 (YEN)

  • Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists

    Project Year: 2021.04  -  2024.03 

    Direct: 3,500,000 (YEN)  Overheads: 4,550,000 (YEN)  Total: 1,050,000 (YEN)

  • Grant-in-Aid for JSPS Fellows

    Project Year: 2014.04  -  2017.03 

    Direct: 3,800,000 (YEN)  Overheads: 4,940,000 (YEN)  Total: 1,140,000 (YEN)