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  • Aggrecanase-selective tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-3 (TIMP3) protects articular cartilage in a surgical mouse model of osteoarthritis.

    Hiroyuki Nakamura, Phoung Vo, Ioannis Kanakis, Ke Liu, George Bou-Gharios

    Scientific reports   10 ( 1 ) 9288 - 9288   2020年06月 [ 査読有り ]

    掲載種別: 研究論文(学術雑誌)


    A key feature of osteoarthritis is the gradual loss of articular cartilage and bone deformation, resulting in the impairment of joint function. The primary cause of cartilage destruction is considered to be the presence of elevated proteases, such as matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) and a disintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motifs (ADAMTSs). However, clinically tested global MMP inhibitors have low efficacy that may be due to their lack of selectivity. We previously demonstrated in vitro that a variant of tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-3 ([-1A]TIMP3) inhibits ADAMTSs but not MMPs. In this study, we tested whether the selectivity of [-1A]TIMP3 is beneficial compared with that of the wild-type TIMP3 in preventing or delaying the onset of the degenerative effects in a mouse model of osteoarthritis. We generated transgenic mice that overexpressed TIMP3 or [-1A]TIMP3 driven by a chondrocyte-specific type II collagen promoter. TIMP3 transgenic mice showed compromised bone integrity as opposed to [-1A]TIMP3 mice. After surgically induced joint instability, TIMP3 overexpression proved to be less protective in cartilage destruction than [-1A]TIMP3 at late stages of OA. The selective inhibition of ADAMTSs provides the possibility of modifying TIMP3 to specifically target a class of cartilage-degrading proteinases and to minimize adverse effects on bone and possibly other tissues.

  • Quadruple Multiple Primary Malignancies: Early Detection of Second Primary Malignancy by Esophagogastroduodenoscopy/Colonoscopy Is Crucial for Patients with Classic Kaposi's Sarcoma.

    Nobuyuki Maruyama, Yuko Okubo, Masato Umikawa, Akiko Matsuzaki, Akira Hokama, Fusahiro Hirano, Tessho Maruyama, Kazuhide Nishihara, Toshiyuki Nakasone, Shoko Makishi, Hiroyuki Nakamura, Naoki Yoshimi

    Diagnostics (Basel, Switzerland)   10 ( 4 )   2020年04月 [ 査読有り ]

    掲載種別: 研究論文(学術雑誌)


    Currently, Kaposi's sarcoma (KS) is treated following the recommendations of international guidelines. These guidelines recommend esophagogastroduodenoscopy/colonoscopy for detecting multicentric KS of visceral lesions. Second primary malignancies (SPMs) are also a common KS complication; however, information on their detection and treatment is unfortunately not yet indicated in these guidelines. This paper reports on an 86-year-old man who suffered from quadruple primary malignancies: skin classic KS with colon adenocarcinoma, oral squamous cell carcinoma (maxilla), and well-differentiated stomach adenocarcinoma. Gastric cancer was incidentally detected during esophagogastroduodenoscopy, which was performed to detect visceral KS. We suggest that esophagogastroduodenoscopy/colonoscopy be routinely performed during the follow-up of patients with KS. As SPMs are crucial complications in patients with KS, these malignancies should be detected as early as possible.

  • Presence of a Synergistic Interaction Between Current Cigarette Smoking and Diabetes Mellitus on Development of Dementia in Older Adults.

    Noguchi-Shinohara M, Hirako K, Fujiu M, Sagae M, Samuta H, Nakamura H, Yamada M

    Journal of Alzheimer's disease : JAD   71 ( 3 ) 833 - 840   2019年 [ 査読有り ]

    掲載種別: 研究論文(学術雑誌)

  • Clinicopathological Significance of the ET Axis in Human Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

    Miyazawa H, Kato K, Kobayashi Y, Hirai M, Kimura I, Kitahara H, Noguchi N, Nakamura H, Kawashiri S

    Pathology oncology research : POR   25 ( 3 ) 1083 - 1089   2019年 [ 査読有り ]

    掲載種別: 研究論文(学術雑誌)

  • Ointment vehicles regulate the wound-healing process by modifying the hyaluronan-rich matrix.

    Murasawa Y, Furuta K, Noda Y, Nakamura H, Fujii S, Isogai Z

    Wound repair and regeneration : official publication of the Wound Healing Society [and] the European Tissue Repair Society   26 ( 6 ) 437 - 445   2018年09月 [ 査読有り ]

    掲載種別: 研究論文(学術雑誌)

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  • ApoE E4有無別にみた主観的認知障害と将来の認知機能低下との関連 中島町研究

    柚木 颯偲, 篠原 もえ子, 堀本 真以, 森 彩香, 阿部 智絵美, 岩佐 和夫, 横川 正美, 中村 博幸, 駒井 清暢, 山田 正仁

    Dementia Japan ( (一社)日本認知症学会 )  33 ( 4 ) 562 - 562   2019年10月  [査読有り]


  • がんの多様性と新規治療法への展望 再発又は転移性頭頸部扁平上皮癌の病態解明と分子標的薬

    中村 博幸

    Journal of Oral Biosciences Supplement ( (一社)歯科基礎医学会 )  2019   78 - 78   2019年10月  [査読有り]


  • 高齢者の睡眠習慣と認知機能に関する縦断的検討 中島町研究

    阿部 智絵美, 篠原 もえ子, 堀本 真以, 森 彩香, 柚木 颯偲, 岩佐 和夫, 中村 博幸, 駒井 清暢, 山田 正仁

    Dementia Japan ( (一社)日本認知症学会 )  33 ( 4 ) 561 - 561   2019年10月  [査読有り]


  • 同時性三重複癌(口腔癌・食道がん・大腸癌)の1例

    本保 敦志, 加藤 広禄, 宮澤 広樹, 野口 夏代, 大井 一浩, 中村 博幸, 小山 岳海, 長谷 剛志, 川尻 秀一

    日本口腔科学会雑誌 ( (NPO)日本口腔科学会 )  68 ( 3 ) 246 - 246   2019年09月  [査読有り]


  • Differences in Dementia Beliefs and Intention to Attend a Future Dementia Screening between Public Screeners and in-Home Screeners

    Sohshi Yuki-Nozaki, Moeko Shinohara, Chiaki Domoto, Yoshihisa Ikeda, Miharu Samuraki, Kazuo Iwasa, Masami Yokogawa, Kimiko Asai, Kiyonobu Komai, Hiroyuki Nakamura, Masahito Yamada

    Alzheimer's & Dementia   Supplement 15 ( 7 )   2019年07月  [査読有り]


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  • 再発又は転移性頭頸部扁平上皮癌の病態解明と分子標的薬

    中村 博幸

    第61回歯科基礎学会 アップデートシンポジウム1  2019年10月  -  2019年10月   

  • 小児難病の早期発見

    中村 博幸

    第2回日本外傷歯学会認定医更新セミナー  2019年07月  -  2019年07月   

  • 金沢市3歳児歯科検診でのHPP早期発見の取り組み

    中村 博幸

    第13回ALPS研究会  2019年07月  -  2019年07月   

  • 難病(低ホスファターゼ症)を早期発見するためのシステムと小児歯科医の“気づき”

    中村 博幸

    第57回日本小児歯科学会大会 ランチョンセミナー  2019年06月  -  2019年06月   

  • 再発又は転移性頭頸部扁平上皮癌の病態解明と分子標的薬

    中村 博幸

    第73回日本口腔科学会学術集会 指名報告  2019年04月  -  2019年04月   

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